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Gas and Boiler Leaks

Discovering a gas boiler leak in your home can make your heart sing. Even if the boiler is still functional it might not be working for a long time. A boiler leaking water isn't necessarily a sign of a dangerous problem.  However, it certainly isn't an issue you should attempt to fix yourself. Like any other boiler repair, it should be inspected and fixed by a professional engineer.  Remember, it is illegal for any company to carry out gas boiler servicing without meeting the minimum requirements of the law.  Therefore, the moment you notice that your boiler is leaking, switch it off and a call Eco Efficient right away.

Eco Efficient is among the top domestic heating companies in the United Kingdom. For many decades, the company has been satisfactorily serving the Swansea residents.  Our fully trained, qualified, and registered gas and boiler leak specialists respond promptly to all our clients' requests and that means we will have your back within no time. According to our experts, there are different causes of leaking in boilers. These include;


Corrosion is among the leading causes of leaking in boilers. Over time, different components of a boiler can begin to corrode and weaken, allowing small amounts of water to escape. While valves and other components of a boiler can be replaced, if the corruption is widespread, it will be economically viable to get the boiler replaced. If this is the case, our engineers will carry out an instant on-site assessment and provide you with no obligation quote for the best match replacement.

High pressure

In case the water pressure in your boiler is too high, the boiler has pressure valves that have been designed to leak as a way of preventing dangerous explosions. However, doesn't mean that you should ignore the pressure gauge. It should be checked regularly to ensure that the boiler has the right to pressure to avoid leakage.

Pump Seals

Pump seals can also become corroded and start leaking.  If this happens, our engineers will estimate the damage they are likely to cause and then advise you to replace them immediately. They will also help with the replacement process once you avail the new pump seals.
High temperature

Just like the pressure valve, when the boiler temperature becomes too high, the temperature of valve starts leaking as a way of preventing further damage to the boiler. Keep in mind that there are different causes of extremely high temperatures in a boiler and this case should be investigated immediately by a professional boiler engineer.

On the other hand, gas leaks are extremely dangerous. First, they can result in violent explosions when exposed to fire or a spark. Such explosions can result in property damage. Besides, carbon monoxide that is likely to be emitted by faulty boilers can cause death. This gas is completely tasteless and odourless and can’t be easily detected. This is the primary reason we recommend that you should install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

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