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Central Heating Installation

A functional central heating is an integral part of every modern home. It provides hot water and helps in keeping your warm. During the cold winter months, a central heating system becomes the most important part of your home. Without it, your home will no longer be your comfort zone.

If you just bought a new home and you want to install a new central heating, contact us. Eco Efficient is one of the most popular companies in the United Kingdom when it comes to boiler and central heating installation, repair, and regular servicing. For decades, the company has been providing excellent services to Swansea residents and helping them keep their boiler and central heating systems running efficiently.

The company boasts of highly trained engineers. These individuals have in depth knowledge regarding central heating systems, how they work, common problems affecting them, and most importantly, how to keep the system operating at an efficient level. When installing a new central heating, our team will first inspect your home and map it. The engineers will use this blueprint to determine different locations where they can position different components of the heating system.

One of the reasons we advise our clients and every homeowner in the United Kingdom not to opt for DIY installation is that central heating systems are highly complex. They have numerous components and some of these components are electrically operated. If any electrical connection is done wrongly, then, you’re likely to lack hot water or stay in a cold home until you contact an expert to help. Besides, a poorly installed boiler means inefficient operation which translates to higher energy bills. Are you will to continue losing part of your income on something that can take our engineers a few hours to install perfectly?

At Eco Efficient, our mission is to help every homeowner in the United Kingdom to get an efficient central heating system. Such a system is environmentally friendly and will help you save a few bucks because you will be handling low energy bills. Have you ever realized that 50% of your energy expenses are associated with boiler and the central heating system?

Our central heating installation services are available 24 hours each day. That means whenever you need our central heating installation services, we will be glad to provide. Our staff works around the clock and will always respond promptly to all your requests. All our employees are professional, friendly, and always ready to help our clients.

Most people wonder what makes our services so unique. It’s nothing much, but our seriousness with what we do has brought a clear line of distinction between our central installation services and those of our competitors. For instance, we have invested in acquiring the right human resources (engineers with in-depth knowledge of central heating installation). We also train them regularly to ensure that they are aware of the changes in the domestic heating appliances and systems.

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