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Boiler Installation

As time go by, your boiler is likely to get old and unreliable. This is associated with frequent breakdowns and eventually, you will need to replace it with a newer model. An efficient boiler will help you to bring your energy bills down and transform the energy efficiency of your home in the process.

Though it's uncommon, some of the old boiler models can pose a danger in your home. There is a risk of exposure to poisonous emissions such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These gases are tasteless and also odourless, making it difficult for you to detect the emission. Note that the two gases are highly poisonous and when inhaled in large volumes can result in death. Don't be surprised that approximately 50 people die every year in the United Kingdom due to carbon monoxide poisoning and a more than 200 people get hospitalized due to exposure to these poisonous gases. That means replacing your old boiler can go a long way in ensuring you and your loved ones are safe.

Keep in mind that modern central heating boilers are safer than older models. In fact, is estimated that new boilers are 90% efficient as compared to the older models efficiency level was 50% and have lower emissions. Domestic heating experts advise that any gas appliances should be serviced and detect each year. This enhances the efficiency of the plans and then shows that your monthly bills stay low.

If you intend to replace an old boiler or you want to install it for the first time, you should consider hiring a professional to complete the task. An experienced engineer will need to pop out to take a look at your current boiler and how it was set up. The engineer will then discuss the viable options when it comes to uninstalling and installing the new boiler and give you a quote.

You should not attempt to install the new folder on your own. This is because boilers are usually complicated appliances that require technical know-how during installation.  Besides, you should not opt to practice installing boilers with your own because you can end up making serious mistakes that will make your boiler inefficient. Therefore, you should contact an expert to install your boiler according to the domestic heating regulations in the United Kingdom.

At Eco Efficient, we focus on helping our clients in Swansea to install their new boilers successfully. We have highly trained engineers who not only have the technical know-how but also have access to the right technology, tools, and equipment to make sure that the boiler installation process is completed successfully. These individuals are friendly, professional, kind, and punctual. They take their work seriously and will give you a boiler the attention it deserves.

The fair prices we charge for our services and the quality of the boiler installation services you provide are some of the things that have made Eco Efficient a popular company in Swansea. We strongly advise our existing and prospective customers to contact us whenever they need boiler installation services.

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